Hi, everyone!

As you can probably guess, my name is Tasha Guenther (nope, not Natasha, just Tasha). I am an art, reading, and writing lover – I know, the classic trifecta – but I am most passionate about partition literature (post-1947), eighteenth century literature, South Asian literature, and creative writing in prose.  Beautiful British Columbia is my home; I love where I live and who I am surrounded by – this place and its people have enabled me to achieve goals and complete projects beyond my own expectations.


(Somewhere in between Victoria and Vancouver)


(My absolute favourite place, Cultus Lake)

I am finishing up my first novel manuscript at the moment and working creatively, writing children’s stories, for DLTK’s Inc. (Moms… Dads… go check them out, seriously).

Is this going to sound too cliché if I say I have a cat that I am obsessed with? Well, I do. I do have a cat, named Richard, who I am obsessed with. He is hilarious… seriously. And though I won’t be posting anything about him, I thought it would be criminal to leave him out of my blog completely (he would agree). So here he is:



Though I won’t bore you with all the minor details of my life, I do want you to know that I am a strong believer/ supporter of the arts. That’s why I have created this little blog – to share my opinions and experiences with you (being whoever happens to stumble upon this).

So, whoever you are, I hope you enjoy your reading/viewing experience. Feel free to comment on anything – fill me in on your favourite novels, novellas, short stories, movies (I like dramas… like, I really like dramas), songs, etc. – I am all ears.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m studying english. Joining your blog will hopefully be a real help for me to improve my english. your blog will enrich me, I guess…


  2. Hi Tasha! I am an aunt that spends alot of time with my 2nd grade nephew! We love your blog and your stories! I love your beautiful country as well! I have a facebook page Andi Tate that I would love to have you friend me! I also have a great product/business opportuntiy tha I would love for you to look at! We just recently opened in Cananda…..I think this would be a great way to help fund your studies and passion! Please check it out here!


    Thank You!!!!!


  3. As I was reading your story, I recalled a story my mother read to me a long time ago. My mom, she has been gone since 1991 August, I miss her so very much, she was Japanese. The story name, was “Peach Boy” very similar. thank you for the memory dear to my heart. I am a preschool teacher, ready to retire soon, from California.


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